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The Gujarati Diaspora in North America is possibly the single largest and richest Indian immigrant group constituting an attractive market segment. Gujarat Times enjoys a pioneer's advantage in this segment being the only Gujarati language newspaper which serves predominant content about the expatriate Gujaratis. Mainstream newspaper estimates and census analysis suggest that of the close to 2.5 million Indian Americans between 45 % and 55 % are Gujaratis. There are an estimated 1 million Gujaratis in the US, or approximately 250,000 households. Census 2000 surveys indicate a median family income of $ 70,708 among the Indian American community as compared to $ 50,406 for the total population. Wealthy Gujaratis are among the wealthiest Indian Americans. Like most Indian immigrants Gujaratis are also avid readers of newspapers and constitute a growing market for quality publications. They are some of the most successful business owners in North America controlling enterprises worth tens of billions of dollars. They have strong dispensable income and although they are judicious spenders, they do represent a strong market constituency. Gujarat Times, a weekly newspaper published by Gujarat Times Inc. from New Jersey, was established in 1999 in the US to provide a medium for the unique needs of the Gujaratis. It is by far the most definitive platform of news and information for a large number of Gujaratis in the US. Gujarat Times is the market leader in terms of both the readership, subscription and advertising revenues in Gujarati weeklies in USA. Gujarat Times is the market leader among Gujarati language weekly newspapers in North America and covering more then 46 states in USA.

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